I had a lot of freelance work to do this week. It made me think about whether I should quit doing this blog, but then I realized that it’s probably fine. It’s more like a check-in for myself and my projects. Someone might stumble upon this, but it’s not adding anything terribly interesting just yet to the discussion of the different topics I’d like to get into.

So this entry will just be about time management and adjusting to a new work-life schedule. I have no advice about this. I only have what I have done thus far to balance, and that has been actually very little. My plan for this now is to just keep as many things on the backburner as possible while I adjust to this job. It will allow me as well to shift any extra time and focus to my novel, which is my most important side project but funnily the one I am least interested in writing about. Other people write about writing better than I do. I’m happy to answer questions about writing to those who are less experienced than I am because though I am unpublished, I am in the publishing industry.

I have actually been working on a project that is related to my novel, but I’ll have to compose a separate blog post for it. It’s nothing to do with what I’ve been posting about thus far.


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I had a lot of freelance work to do this week. It made me think about whether I should quit doing this blog, but then...

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