Franco A. Alvarado

Stats on my work in progress

2022 January 06 | Writing Workflow Tracking

A friend of mine told me that I should find out how long it takes me to draft a novel. So I tracked my time (using Toggl) and logged my word count and time (using AirTable) and came up with the analysis below based on those stats.


Looking Back at the Serial Release Project

2020 August 06 | Serial Release Project

Now that I am more removed from the serial release project, I wanted to reflect on how effective it was.


How I Am Planning My Revision

2020 July 23 | Revision

Once I finished my novel and received feedback, I knew I had to work out a plan for how to manage the revisions. I drew up a flowchart because my actual job is as a project manager (in the publishing industry, and yes, that hasn’t helped me get published yet, obviously).


All Installments Scheduled for My Serialized Manuscript

2020 May 24 | Serial Release Project

After last week’s very productive writing sessions, I took more breaks as I wound down to the final chapters of the book. I still only missed two days of writing though, but I definitely needed those days to just not think about the book.


Serializing Getting Ahead of Schedule

2020 May 21 | Serial Release Project

This week was probably the most productive I have had in a long time. I benefitted from a random day off that the CEO gave us on Friday. I worked on my novel through the weekend and started into Act 5 (of 5). It started getting fun again. One day I spent nine hours on the book.


Serializing My Novel as I Write It

2020 May 10 | Serial Release Project

I decided this year to do an overhaul of my novel. At 130,000 words, it was much more meandering than I wanted it to be. This is likely a consequence of me having been working on some version of it since 2003. After a few rejections from agents (I sent it out in August 2019, got most of my responses by December), I realized I wasn’t satisfied with it and stopped sending it out.