Franco A. Alvarado

Looking Back at the Serial Release Project

2020 August 06 | Serial Release Project

Now that I am more removed from the serial release project, I wanted to reflect on how effective it was.


How I Am Planning My Revision

2020 July 23 | Revision

Once I finished my novel and received feedback, I knew I had to work out a plan for how to manage the revisions. I drew up a flowchart because my actual job is as a project manager (in the publishing industry, and yes, that hasn’t helped me get published yet, obviously).


All Installments Scheduled for My Serialized Manuscript

2020 May 24 | Serial Release Project

After last week’s very productive writing sessions, I took more breaks as I wound down to the final chapters of the book. I still only missed two days of writing though, but I definitely needed those days to just not think about the book.


Serializing Getting Ahead of Schedule

2020 May 21 | Serial Release Project

This week was probably the most productive I have had in a long time. I benefitted from a random day off that the CEO gave us on Friday. I worked on my novel through the weekend and started into Act 5 (of 5). It started getting fun again. One day I spent nine hours on the book.


Serializing My Novel as I Write It

2020 May 10 | Serial Release Project

I decided this year to do an overhaul of my novel. At 130,000 words, it was much more meandering than I wanted it to be. This is likely a consequence of me having been working on some version of it since 2003. After a few rejections from agents (I sent it out in August 2019, got most of my responses by December), I realized I wasn’t satisfied with it and stopped sending it out.